Best Profitable and 100% accuracy Semi-Automated Forex System for Account Management

System incluse 1 Expert Advisor + our Special "Prometheus" Indicator developed and tested by our Programmers over 1 year.
We created this for Forex Fund Management . How it looks in MT4 and examples of Enters : 
You can make safe and easy Scalping using our method. Also this system can make 100-200% per 1 Month expected profit at your account if you will use 1-2% of lot size in EA for 1 pair (as You can see we use 0.10 Lot at Account with Equity = 1200 USD and its 1.6-1.8 %  for our Leverage - EA calculate this Automatically). 
What Function EA include: 
- Auto Trailing Stop
- Auto SL/TP (for 1 order or All Orders)
- Open Close Profit/Loss in %% and Partial Closes
- EA support any magic Numbers even 0 so You can plece this system at VPS and open Orders from your Phone - EA will do all dirty work for you (just need to tune special keys in EA panel)

System Cost 300 USD

After Purchase  you will receive Working System with Templates for Indicators + EA + PDF About Parameters and Enters.
Support in installation of the system via TeamViewer
Contact Us for more detail

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