Forex Robot MCF (SemiAutomated SWING STRATEGY)

We present our new Software for MT4 - its Multi-Currency-Flexible Robot that include 5 strategyes inside :

SWING is very popular manual strategy and we decided to code it for you. 

1. You need price movement from chanel or from flat or some trend and volatily of market and any pair you like
2. This strategy do not like Flat if its move in some same chanel
3. First Market Order you must place using Control Panel (see videoinstruction below)
4. Parameters of SWING:
SwingMaxLot = its limitation in EA of max possible opened Order. After this MaxLot Ea will stop open position and wait till StopLoss
SwingTakeProfit = Take Profit in Pips for every MArket Order
SwingStopLoss = StopLoss in Pips for every MArket Order and also Chanel for Swing
SwingLotExp = how big will be next order in Lots, If its 2 than next order will be Previous * SwingLotExp

5. Mathematic logic. After you will open 1 st Manual (BUY) Order from Control Panel - EA will start to manage it : modify and make to this order TP = SwingTakeProfit. At the level of SwingStopLoss - EA will place SL and Pending Sell Stop with double lot size. 
6. Profit / loss. In this case EA can take StopLoss of 1st Market Order and at that time and price open next Market order touching the Pending Order that already there. It will continue this logic until EA will not hit the TP of current Market Order. Every next order will more profitable than all losses before in 1 series.

6, Video-instruction: 

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We will send Working System with Set File for EA + templates for Indicaotrs + EA PDF About Parameters
Support in installation of the system via TeamViewer

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